Vacation care

LOOSH offers a broad range of vacation care programming - designed to encourage children to be involved in a variety of fun and exciting activities. Programming includes a mixture of incursions and excursions, led by our experienced educators.

Vacation care is open to all members of the community from Kindy to Year 6, operating from 6:45am to 6:30pm.

The cost is $60 per day, plus any additional incursion or excursion fees.  

Below you can find a list of the programs on offer for the upcoming break. 

Vacation care will include provision of morning and afternoon snacks, but students are required to bring their own lunch.

All bookings are made via the My Family Lounge App.  For more information go to the Enrolments & Bookings page.


Harry Potter day 

Monday, 28th June

Come along for potions class, a defence against the dark arts class, a nail biting game of quidditch and be sorted into houses for the LOOSH sorting hat!


LOOSH Olympics

Tuesday, 29th June

Are you ready to win a medal? There will be athletic races, relays, shotput, tennis, dance and gymnastics…who will walk away as victor!

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LOOSH master Chef comp

Thursday, 1st July

Put your chef hats on and be ready for a day in the Kitchen.
Who will be crowned LOOSH’s best Chef?

No permission slip required

Roller skating (Excursion)

Wednesday, 30th June

Get your skates on and come along for a fun time at Roller skating.
Can you keep up? 
Permission slip must be signed for your child to attend


Something wild (Incursion)

Friday, 2nd July

Something Wild is coming to LOOSH! There will be scales, and claws, possibly a feather or two, are you game?
Please be advised that permission slips for this day are required to secure your child's booking.


Make a movie day

Monday, 5th July

Lets get our creative juices flowing by making our own movies! There will be props galore and tickets on sale for the viewing.

No permission slip required

Laser warriors 


Tuesday, 6th July

Prepare the teams for battle! Laser warriors is coming to LOOSH, will you be on the winning team?

Please be advised that spots are limited and permission slips are essential to secure your child’s booking.


LOOSH amazing race

Wednesday, 7th July

Are you up for the challenge? LOOSH amazing race is back; can you crack the codes and beat the other teams to be crowned the winner? The challenges have been set and only one team can win!

No permission slip required
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LOOSH bootcamp

Friday, 9th July

Are your ready to beat the course? Pull up your socks, get your running shoes on and tackle an unbeatable tough mudda course!

No permission slip required



Thursday, 8th July

Its time to show us what your made of; what skills can you bring on the day…front flips? Back flips, we want to see it all!
Please be advised that spots are limited and permission slips are essential to secure your booking.


LOOSH Kidchella festival 

Monday, 12th July

The music will be pumping as the kids are the DJ’s for the day! Wear your best disco and Fluro gear and get the crowd excited for LOOSH kidchella!


Need more information?

If you would like more information about our vacation care program, you can email us at

All bookings for vacation care are made via our online portal hosted by My Family Lounge.