Vacation care

LOOSH offers a broad range of vacation care programming - designed to encourage children to be involved in a variety of fun and exciting activities. Programming includes a mixture of incursions and excursions, led by our experienced educators.

Vacation care is open to all members of the community from Kindy to Year 6, operating from 6:45am to 6:30pm.

The cost is $55 per day, plus any additional incursion or excursion fees.  Any bookings made after the last day of term incur an additional $5 fee.

Below you can find a list of the programs on offer for the upcoming break. 

Vacation care will include provision of morning and afternoon snacks, but students are required to bring their own lunch.

All bookings are made via the My Family Lounge App.  For more information go to the Enrolments & Bookings page.

Crazy Christmas Science

Thursday 17th December

Come and join us for a fun day filled with Christmas-themed science experiments, such as making our own christmas lava lamps to take home, having reindeer balloon races and mixing up snow dough to play with!

Christmas Party!

Friday 18th December

Put your Santa hats on and get ready to party! Today we’ll be playing lots of fun party games and making some delicious Christmas treats! There’ll be Christmas craft, music and dancing too!


January 2021


Outta This World

Monday 11th January

Come with us on a journey to outer space, where we will learn all about the known universe and create our own space helmets and jet packs. We’ll also make galaxy mobiles to take home and decorate some alien cupcakes!

Water Play Day

Tuesday 12th January

Bring your cozzies and prepare for a splashing fun water play day. Use LOOSH water guns or bring your own for an epic water fight. We’ll also be playing some super fun water games and competitions. Don’t forget to bring a towel and a change of clothes, we’re going to get WET!!!


Scoot and Serve (Excursion)

Monday 18th January

Don your bike helmets and grab your rackets. Today we’ll be cruising round on our scooters and playing some tennis! We’ve incorporated some fun drills, competitions and games into the day so there will be fun had for everyone!

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Art Through Time

Friday 15th January

Join us for a fascinating and hands-on day of learning about art through time and making your very own to take home! Activities will include various forms of art such as pottery, mosaics and painting!

Archery (Incursion)

Thursday 14th January

Hone your aiming skills at LOOSH with FitKids Archery. A safe and exciting program run by a team of professionals will teach the fundamentals of using and shooting a bow through a series of fun and engaging activities and competitions!

Incursion Cost: $15

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Digging Dinosaurs (Incursion)

Wednesday 13th January

Join us for a fun and educational day where we travel back in time to the Jurassic period! The team from Fizzics Education will be coming to LOOSH to run some super cool activities that will transform the kids into paleontologists for the day!

Incursion Cost: $15

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Sports Day (Excursion)

Wednesday 20th January

Join us for an active day of fun in the sun! We will play some team games such as footy, soccer and capture the flag as well as have some competitions and races!

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Fancy Dress Disco Party!

Tuesday 19th January

Come dressed in your coolest costume and get ready to dance your heart out at our LOOSH disco party! There will be glow sticks, music and dancing, party games and a yummy afternoon tea!


Build-A-Mind (Incursion)

Friday 22nd January

Put your creativity and critical thinking to the test with our amazing Build-A-Mind Robotics Incursion! The children will build and code robots, putting them to the test as they complete challenges and play games!

Incursion Cost: $15

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Movie and Park Day (Excursion)

Thursday 21st January

Come with us on a fun day out to watch a movie and have a play in the park, complete with a hot chip picnic lunch! We will play some picnic games including egg and spoon races and sack races, as well as some fun movie-themed activities!

Excursion Cost: $12

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Australia Day

Tuesday 26th January

Public Holiday - LOOSH is CLOSED. Enjoy time with family and friends today and join us when LOOSH re-opens.

Skate Now (Incursion)

Monday 25th January

Join us for a fun day of skateboarding with the amazing Dan from Skate Now! Dan will bring skateboards, safety gear and ramps to make sure the kids have a blast!

Incursion Cost: $15

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Kids Choose the Day!

Thursday 28th January

Today is all about chillaxing and having fun and the kids will decide what we do today! At the start of the day, join us for group time where we will vote on what activities we would like to do for the day!

 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Day

Wednesday 27th January

LOOSH will be focusing on creative ways to re-use our waste at LOOSH, as well as a fun rubbish scavenger hunt with prizes, and plant some new seeds in our garden ready for the new year!


Need more information?

If you would like more information about our vacation care program, you can email us at

All bookings for vacation care are made via our online portal hosted by My Family Lounge.  

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